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Are You A Candidate for a Color Consultation?

  • Are you bored with your white walls?
  • Are you overwhelmed with color choices?
  • Have you collected paint swatches that look perfect until you get home?
  • Do you have paint samples piling up in your garage?
  • Do you have “squares of color” all over your walls?
  • Are these squares making the inside and outside of your home look like a “color circus”?
  • Have you painted already and realized the color was not everything you wanted it to be?
  • Do your current colors not fit with your style?
  • Has picking colors become a form of torture???

If you had to stop and think about any of these questions, you need to call Color It Right at 908 731 2823 or E-Mail us at TODAY!!!

Let us help you avoid the agony and misery of picking colors, by having us help you!!!

What a Color Consultation Is Like

Our color consultant comes armed with color samples, large color sheets, and fan decks with thousands of different paint colors. She also comes with 50 our most common sample quarts of actual paint that can be applied if needed (this is included in our initial color consultation).

We come to your home and discuss your ideas and what you want, what the room will be used for or what you want the outside space to reflect. We look at the architectural detail, the flow from room to room or body, trim, and accent detail on your home. We also will review any photos or magazines of color/designs you may have.

We do not have a one-size-fits-all color palette; instead, we work with you on your individual needs to reflect your lifestyle, personality, desires, and goals. When we leave you will have personalized color schemes for your living spaces that are uniquely you.

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